Spacing and Harvest Timelines for Softneck Garden Garlic

Spacing and Harvest Timelines for Softneck Garden Garlic

Plant garlic cloves under at least 1.5 inches of soil. Large cloves produce larger bulbs, and can be planted under 2 inches of soil. Sprouts normally emerge from soil within about 7-14 days, and first leaves normally appear within about 2-3 weeks (or longer during cold weather).

For vigorous softneck varieties, space plants at least 6 inches apart when planted in rows at least 8-10 inches apart. Less-vigorous varieties or those that produce smaller bulbs can be planted 5-6 inches apart in rows that are at least 6-8 inches apart. Garlic can be planted biointensively in grids or triangulated from centers with spacing of about 6-8 inches between plants depending upon plant vigor and anticipated bulb size.

Garlic has a long growing season, usually about 5 – 8 months, depending on variety and many environmental factors including seasonal temperatures and soil fertility. Most softneck garlic varieties need at least 6 months to reach maximum bulb size from fall through spring in Southern California. Silverskin varieties may need 7-8 months or longer for full-sized bulbs.

Garlic is normally cured for about 2-4 weeks before being stored. See Harvesting and Curing Garlic.

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